HR, or better known as Human Resources, is an important function in an organization or company that deals with employees and their issues regarding compensation and certain benefits while working for this particular company. Besides dealing with these issues, human resource professionals are also responsible for recruiting and hiring new employees and introducing them to the corporate culture. This also means that discharging people from the company is a part of their job responsibilities, which can be a very difficult task for many professionals. Human Resources advice can be very useful for entrepreneurs, department managers and general managers that employ other workers in a certain department or field. Hiring the right kind of people is very essential when it comes to successful businesses. Your employees are the most important tools that can be used to build up a growing company. Ensuring that your employees will treat your customers or clients professionally is something that should be integrated in your corporate culture.

Recently we offered our HR advice to a well known top FX Broker. They reached out to The Consulting Rooms and requested us to help the company with the development of a professional candidate profile. In the past the top FX Broker experienced some issues with onboarding employees and were somehow not able to find the right fit. The Consulting Rooms took their request very seriously and scheduled up a meeting together with their Human Resource department. Together with the staff we noticed some interesting facts about the target candidates and gathered all the additional information to develop a new profile. This advice was very helpful in order to find a better match. Besides this factor of their job responsibilities, the staff also experienced a hard time with discharging other employees. Since the entire team of the top BX broker are getting along so well, including the human resource professionals, a resignation can be experienced as a personal act. There is a fine line between being professional and personal in a working environment and it is essential to keep these factors separated at all times.

The Human Resource experts of The Consulting Rooms provided a workshop for the HR team in order to educate them about personal and professional issues and how to maintain this separation with your close colleagues. The team learned more about different tools that can be used in order to stay professional, despite the circumstances. We at The Consulting Rooms understand that there is never a “one size fits all” road to success, especially when you take a look at different industries. We are very proud to have assisted the top FX broker who is now owning and operating a successful company. Together with their HR department they finally managed to find the right candidates, which helped them to grow even more. This company is now up and running! Again, we are very grateful for the clients that we have had over the past few years and are looking forward to more successful collaborations in the future.