We are The Consulting Rooms, a business that provides a wide array of professional business advice to our clients. Our business is based in London, which was founded by three business professionals including Robert Hampden (Lawyer), Jim Hanson (former Venture Capital Manager), and Peter Thompson (IT Entrepreneur). All of the founders are from the United Kingdom and understand the business culture very well.

Our mission is to assist local business professionals reach their optimum success. The concept of The Consulting Rooms is to house a multitude of advisers that are well-trained and capable of giving potential/new entrepreneurs all under one center. The areas that we assist our clients with include (but are not limited to) Human Resource (HR) advice, legal advice, startup advice, and accounting advice. The latter areas are all crucial parts of the foundation that builds a successful business/company and entrepreneur.

Over the past decade, the business world has changed for the better and in progressive manners. We believe in maintaining that progress through the advice and services that we offer. The United Kingdom has reached great records including having one of the lowest corporation taxes within the G20 conglomerate. Another great achievement is becoming one of the top entrepreneurial economies in the country.

Have you grown up and was taught that you should go out and work a “regular job” by your parents/family members, and or mentors? While this notion is not bad by any means, without the dreams and ambition of current entrepreneurs/CEOs, there would be no “regular jobs” to work. If there is any time to become the entrepreneur/CEO instead of the employee… the time is now. Taking on the journey to becoming an entrepreneur will not be easy by any means, however, within due time, you too can become a success story from our center.

Are you passionate about something that you wish you could do as your means of income? Do you believe you are great at your hobby and can make a living from it? Your idea does not have to be limited by any means. We encourage all of our clients to reach beyond the stars. Whether you are looking to provide a product and/or service, we believe that anybody can become successful with the right teaching and advice.

At The Consulting Rooms, it is our mission to ensure that you are given the proper advice and tools in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Some of the entrepreneurs that we have supported with professional advice have created fantastic companies like best casino bonuses b.v which provides you with the best casino bonuses, bekijk de laatste casino bonussen hier and จัดลำดับเว็บคาสิโนออนไลน์ที่ให้ฟรีเงิน, which is an online casino portal in Thailand. Also crypto trading companies that provide information like crypto trading signalen and much more! One common thing that all entrepreneurs have to do is start from the beginning. There are a variety of planning, testing, trying, success, and failures that entrepreneurs experience. Nonetheless, confidence, consistency, and hard work is what differentiate an entrepreneur living their dream, and someone always dreaming of being an entrepreneur. If you want to see some examples of these successful companies, you can click here.

Our team has setup a variety of classes and detailed curriculum’s fitting for any type of business. We understand that there is never a “one size fits all” road to success when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Since the beginning of our inception, we are extremely proud to have assisted clients whom are now owning and operating successful businesses/companies. Our advisers are patient and take the necessary time for our clients to understand every piece of advice that we provide.

Thanks to our dedicated team, we are pleased to announce that because of high demand we are currently working on our new locations in Singapore and Dubai. We are beyond grateful for the clients that we have had over the years. It is because of them that we will be able to help other prospective entrepreneurs in different parts of the world achieve their dreams as well. lastly, a company called FX Broker reached out to The Consulting Rooms and requested us to help the company with the development of a professional candidate profile, for more information click here.